Pink Urchin Shell

Pink Urchin Shell

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Pink urchin shell, as well as other sea urchins belong to the class Echinoidea. These urchins are found in the eastern Atlantic and along the eastern Pacific coast ranging from Alaska south to the tip of Baha California.

A cute beach accessory that can be used in many decoration purposes, like Air Plant planters, wedding cards holder, garden accessories, etc.

This product includes: 

  • One pink urchin shell. Its size is approximately 5 centimeters width, 1.5 centimeters high and 9.7 grams.

Urchin shells are living organisms, their size and color may vary slightly from the pictured in our catalog but the unit we send will still look beautiful.

Also available in turquoise, raspberry and light purple.

Get the 4-pack urchin shells and save money!

We cater to large and custom orders! .

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Pink Urchin ShellPink Urchin Shell

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