Rounded Small Glass

Rounded Small Glass

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This beautiful, decorative glass isn't just adorable -it's also functional. This jar would make a great party favor; or you can use it decoration around the home or office by adding some potpourri, or small flowers. You can store some of your favorite relaxing bath salts for that end of the day spa treatment or to give a nice fragrant touch to your house.

This product includes: 

  • One glass bottle measuring 43 millimeters in diameter, 49 millimeters high, weighing 63 grams and with a capacity of 41 milliliters.


Maybe you are interested also in our white cotton rope to hang this terrarium.

We cater to large and custom orders! .

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Rounded Small GlassRounded Small GlassRounded Small GlassRounded Small GlassRounded Small Glass

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