Fuchsii v Gracilis (Argentea)

Fuchsii v Gracilis (Argentea)

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Tillandsia Fuchsii v Gracili also known as Argentea is native to south Mexico and Guatemala where it usually grows in dry forests under bright light. This unique Air Plant has long thin silver-grey leaves that grow in every direction from its round compact base.

As this variety grows and matures, it will release a green / yellow stem straight up that will eventually be two to three times the height of the plant. When the stem is high enough it will start to produce spectacular pink / violet flowers from each its branches.

This Air Plant looks great in terrariums and orbs and it is easy to grow.

This product includes:

  • One Fuchsii v Gracili (Argentea) Air Plant small size, depending on season and its nature it may be in bloom. 

  • An Air Plant care instruction sheet.


Because Air Plants are living organisms, they will continue to grow in transit and in your care. Size and shape may vary slightly from the Air Plant pictured in our catalogue, but we will always be sure to send you a healthy plant.

We cater to large and custom orders! .

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Fuchsii v Gracilis (Argentea)Fuchsii v Gracilis (Argentea)Fuchsii v Gracilis (Argentea)Fuchsii v Gracilis (Argentea)

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