Smiling Face Expression Two + Ionantha Guatemala

Smiling Face Expression Two + Ionantha Guatemala

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This one was made with little ones in mind. This smiling face is perfect for those wishing to introduce their children to the wonderful world of nature, instilling values of sustainable growth and maintaining a healthy environment – all while having fun! This product is made of a sturdy, lightweight material and has a smooth finish.

The smileys’ hair is created by the Air Plants of the Ionantha Guatemala variety. One defining characteristic of this plant is the striking color change of its leaves when it enters its blooming cycle, changing from dark green to red and pink.

The simplicity of its design makes it easy to incorporate it into virtually any space, from store displays to a child’s nursery to the kitchen table, and it brings a pleasant surprise when its bright red hues suddenly arise.

Add a touch of joy to your home, business or office with these smiling faces.

This product is part of a 3-piece set, ideal for those who just want one piece or for those who want to add an extra piece to their set.

This product includes:

  • One smiling face expression two. The measurements of these are 75 milimeters in diameter, 90 milimeters high, and 20 grams. More details about our smiling faces expression two here.

  • One plant holder to support the Air Plant. Dimensions are 30 milimeters high, 15 milimeters wide, with a weight of 8 grams. More details about the plant holder here.

  • One Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant. Dimensions are approximately 60 milimeters wide, 50 milimeters high, with a weight of 9 grams. More details about Ionantha Guatemala here.

  • Care instructions.

Because Air Plants are living organisms, they will continue to grow in transit and in your care. Size and shape may vary slightly from the Air Plant pictured in our catalogue, but we will always be sure to send you a healthy plant.

Get the 3-pack and save money!

We cater to large and custom orders! .

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Smiling Face Expression Two + Ionantha GuatemalaSmiling Face Expression Two + Ionantha GuatemalaSmiling Face Expression Two + Ionantha Guatemala

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