Utriculata v Prengelii
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Utriculata v Prengelii

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The Utriculata v Prengelii variety is a great option for those who have never had an Air Plant before, as it is very resistant and easy to grow.

Another cool characteristic of the Utriculata v Prengelii is the light bluish hue of its leaves and its small size, making it a good choice for growing in terrariums and for use with crafts.

When this variety is in its blooming cycle, it produces a beautiful orange flower and its leaves turn a slight purple. It also produces many babies once it has bloomed.

The Utriculata v Prengelii is a must-have. This plant will never disappoint you!

This product includes:

  • One Utriculata v Prengelii Air Plant small size. Depending on season and its nature it may be in bloom. 

  • An Air Plant care instruction sheet.

Because Air Plants are living organisms, they will continue to grow in transit and in your care. Size and shape may vary slightly from the Air Plant pictured in our catalogue, but we will always be sure to send you a healthy plant.

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Utriculata v PrengeliiUtriculata v PrengeliiUtriculata v Prengelii

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