Caput Medusae

Caput Medusae

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The name Caput Medusae means “head of Medusa” but don’t be afraid, this one won’t turn you into a stone. Their leaves resemble the serpents of the mythological character Medusa, this offers a unique shapes. This specie is native to Central America and México.

Their leaves have a fuzzy looking with bright green color and a touch of purple around the edges. When this Tillandsia enters into the bloom cycle it grows a red spike that eventually produce bright purple flowers. Beautiful combination of colors.

We can place the Caput Medusae upside down with a thing rope inside an urchin shell, it looks great!

This product includes:

  • One Caput Medusae Air Plant small size, depending on season and its nature it may be in bloom. 

  • An Air Plant care instruction sheet.


Because Air Plants are living organisms, they will continue to grow in transit and in your care. Size and shape may vary slightly from the Air Plant pictured in our catalogue, but we will always be sure to send you a healthy plant.

We cater to large and custom orders! .

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Caput MedusaeCaput MedusaeCaput Medusae

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