What are Air Plants and how are they useful


Are you looking for a cute plant but don’t have time to take care of it? Air Plants are the perfect solution for you. They don’t need soil to grow and they survive with a low amount of water. You can keep them indoors or out -they live basically from the air!

Air Plants are a species of plants whose defining trait is that their roots are only for support. But they aren’t a parasite! Their roots don’t drill into other plants’ branches or steal nutrients from them.
Air Plants take water and nutrients from the air through their leaves, that’s why they have such a peculiar name.
Because they usually grow at a high elevation, they’re safe from herbivores. A nice advantage, right? Tillandsia or Air Plants normally grow in trees but they can also be found in rocks, roofs, telephone lines or even urchin shells!

This plant has a particular way of growing, as we said, without requiring soil to grow. Normally this plant can be considered indoor but they can be outside as well. To keep them healthy you just need to keep them hydrated and under a comfortable temperature (most of the Air plants grow in tropical forests).

The color of their leaves tells us how to take care of them. If the leaves are green, it requires a mild temperature but if their leaves are silver-ish, they can withstand higher temperatures.
Nevertheless, all air plants are easy to take care of and maintain. There is a wide variety of them and their flowers are colorful, ideal for decoration. Placing them in a well-lit area will bring a lovely look to your spaces.

In addition to being a decorative item, air plants are an original gift, keeping in mind the multiple benefits they have for our health and maintaining a positive mood.