Magnusiana in vintage glass

Some of our customers have asked about the best way to care for Air Plants, specifically when the plants begin to grow roots. To settle any doubts you may have, we’ve created this care guide, which will help you learn how to properly trim your plants' roots and dried leaves.

As Air Plants grow, they will naturally develop roots to support themselves and cling to other plants or trees. Unlike other plants, Air Plants do not absorb nutrients through their roots. Thus, their roots may be removed without compromising the health of the plant.

This is an example of an Ionantha Fuego that has grown roots.

Ionantha Fuego that has grown roots

A precaution: While trimming the roots of an Air Plant is completely safe, be careful not to cut the base of the plant. It’s better to leave a little part of the roots intact to avoid damaging the plant. We recommend using small, sharp scissors like the ones picture here.

Small scissors to trim plants

In addition to using the right pair of scissors, you can submerge the plant in water for a few minutes before trimming the roots. This will soften the roots and make them easier to cut.

A large container full of rainwater is perfect for this purpose.

Large container full of rainwater

After eliminating large roots, you may also wish to remove dried leaves that have accumulated at the base of the Air Plant.

Dried leaves from a Magnusiana.

Dried leaves from a Magnusiana

Dried leaves from an Argentea.

Dried leaves from an Argentea

Removing dried leaves is recommended for two reasons. Firstly for purely aesthetic purposes, the plant shines brighter without dead leaves at its base. Secondly, dried leaves can cause the living plant to rot since they trap humidity and prevent the plant from drying in a timely matter.

After trimming, we’re left with quite the collection of roots and leaves.

Dried leaves and roots

Of course, we maintain our plants with constant, delicate care and are always ready to ship your plant when you purchase it.


For any doubts or questions, please contact us through our email or leave a comment below.


Take care of your plants!