Beautiful and simple ideas for decorating with Air Plants

The wonderful thing about Air Plants is that they are beautiful and original by themselves and require very little to stand out in our houses, terraces, gardens, or offices.

The main benefit of having them is that there are no strict rules to be followed - acquiring and caring for them should be a fun, relaxing experience that will help you to express your individuality and creativity.

You may, however, appreciate some simple advice if you need a little inspiration to make your plants shine even brighter.

Because Air Plants are not simply ours to own, but to thrive!

Transparent containers

Water Drop Glass

As you know, Air Plants do not need soil and will grow on almost any surface, so they will look nice on or inside many objects.

We’ll start with a simple tip with spectacular results. You’ll just need something that we all have at home: a glass vase!

A clear vase, your plant inside, and that’s it.

You can arrange as many plants as you like together and place them on a white tablecloth to give an elegant or colorful touch, to the children's room, for example.

With this concept we can play with a few different alternatives:

  • Curved glasses
  • Shot glasses for smaller plants.
  • A fish bowl, or almost any other object we have around the house and want to give a second life to as a terrarium.


One of these original and homemade terrariums can be an old coffee pot.

Remember: Ideally, you would choose a container that will not easily deteriorate with moisture: Glass, porcelain, etc.

We recommend our transparent containers. Check out our vintage vase with a cork lid. Perfect!

Decorated birdcages

Ideally painted in basic colors such as white, blue, or pink to contrast with the green of our plants. We recommend them for your outdoor plants. A good way to recycle old birdcages.

Sea urchin shells

Pack Urchin Shells

One of the most original Air Plant stands you can find, in our store we offer a great variety of colors and sizes. The perfect complement for lively, bold, and fun decorations. You can use them as flowerpots for air plants, a cardholder for wedding invitations, garden accessories, etc.


Pack 3 Colors Reindeer Moss

Natural, white strings with which to hang your plants and accessories; It’s a versatile and economic way to support a variety of your plants, colored mosses and decorative terrariums. They give a rustic or elegant touch.

Also, our cards, when tied to transparent containers with string, will give a simple and beautiful touch to the arrangement.


Almost any type of bar, stump or wooden board will make the perfect support for your Air Plants. You can use a small board as a shelf, hang a bar vertically to support several plants, make small structures, or use your wall frames, etc.

And now… we’ve saved the best for last! A truly innovative and surprising element that will leave all of your guests gaping in wide-eyed wonder. Introducing the…

Floating Terrarium

Floating Terrarium

What could be more fitting for an Air Plant? How does it work? The terrarium consists of electromagnets that allow the upper container to remain suspended in the air. Of course, inside this container you can place your Air Plant. With its constant rotation, your plants will receive the light and nutrients it needs equally on all sides.

Floating terrariums are the latest in plant decoration, and you can usually find them in offices, receptions of large companies, and now… your house! How? Visit our store for more details.