7 varieties of Air Plants to get home

There are lot of varieties among the Air Plants. 

The Tillandsias, also called Air Plants, are the biggest kind among the family of the Bromeliaceous, embracing more than 670 species. 

All of them with their own charm, colorfulness, resistance and maintenance. Because of that, we bring you 7 varieties that due to their beauty and easy care will be a firm choise. 

1-  Ideal for first timers: Utriculata and Prengelii

The perfect variety for the first timers that desire something unusual. It is a small and pleasant aerial plant since it is very resistant and easy to maintain.

Its size is small so it is also ideal to grow in terrariums, since it measures 7 centimeters approximately. 

Also in very few seasons produces a lot of sprouts after the blooming, therefore in a few seasons you will have a really attractive and leafy plant. 

2- The flashy: Ionantha Fuego

If you want a flasy and really attractive plant the Ionantha Fuego is your variety since there where you put it, it quickly stands out due to its green and red colors.

As the plant grows we see its leaves go from a light green and silver color to the dark green and the red or orange. With them we can also enjoy of very beautiful flowers with light colors. 

One of the preferred varieties when it comes to decorate due to the intense contrast of the colors that will bring strength and brightens to your home.

3- Seideliana, sprig shape

Its shape can recall a wheat sprig since its leaves are thing, a bit more thick in their base and they grow in a more or less dense manner. The flowers of this peculiar plant go from the blue to the purple, going through some pink tones. 

Due to its shape and color it sands out in rustic and rural decorations. 

4- The velvet-like Magnusiana

Ideal for every kind of decorations since it grows as well in horizontal bases as in vertical ones, it is a very versatile variety that also brings the gaze due to its long and thin leaves that have a velvet-like and green color. Its white and purple flowers are born in the center. 

5- The soft ball Fuchsii and Gracilis (Argentea)

When seem from far it can look like a soft ball since it is made of a dense and homogeneous arch, with numerous leaves together, from where a trunk grows with the ping or purple flowers. The leaves have an attractive silver touch that is more noticeable in the center of the plant.

6- The exotic Ionantha Guatemala

It can look like a small palm due to its leaves but this plant starts its life with a green color that goes from a pink pale color / red that continues along the whole blooming cycle. When it blooms "shows" a purple spike that ends with delicate yellow flowers. This all gives a surprising contrast to the rich colors of this plant.

7- The original Caput Medusae

Literally it means Head of Jellyfish since it is what remembrances this harmless plant, nothing to do with the mythological being whose women head ends in a long hair of snakes. 

Therefore apart from being a nice and original plant it comes with a good story, ideal to entertain the visits. 


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