7 Reasons Why Air Plants Will Make the Perfect Gift this Christmas

Christmas has finally arrived along with Christmas songs, sweets, and the typical worry of the season:

What gifts should I buy this year?

We offer you our selection of Air Plants and accessories, which are sure to surprise and delight your family and friends. Air Plants are a gift with an ecological and elegant touch for that special person you have in mind.

A few reasons to choose Air Plants: 

1- They are elegant

Air plants have a genuinely unique appeal. They are beautiful and simple. They are often used as a standard of good taste, especially in areas of decoration and design. Ideal to give a touch of professionalism to companies and offices. In your home, in addition to beautifying, they will create a healthier environment.

Ideal for children's rooms, as your kids will live in their own fantasy world!

2- They are easy to care for

In addition to being decorative, they are very practical as helping them to grow healthy and strong requires relatively little effort. Humidity, good hydration, ventilation and natural light are the essentials, but if you want to know in depth how to take care of them, here you can read about the details. (Post care link)

3- They are original

Since we were young, we were taught that plants and trees have roots, which grow on the earth. Air plants are a wonderful exception to nature. People are often surprised when they learn that these plants live off the air!

And if you take the extensive variety of designs and additions to your spaces into account, the possibilities to decorate are almost endless.

4- They bring peace

An environment free of stress is essential to unwind and disconnect ourselves. That is why when we want to relax we usually get in touch with nature. A space with Air Plants will help you find that contact with nature in a simple way.

5- They are plants

Some of the benefits we can experience immediately is that they oxygenate the environment, which also helps us to relax.

There are studies that ensure that having and caring for plants improves our self-esteem, and if we have them in our place of study or work, we will be more productive. It's all advantages!

6- They are affordable

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Our plants and accessories adapt to all tastes and pockets

7- They are addictive

Once you have an Air Plant you will not want to stop.

Decorate with living elements and create magical environments for you and yours with different compositions; Plants, terrariums, accessories...

There are many possibilities; the limit is your imagination.


So you already know what you will put under the Christmas tree? For you and yours, it’s up to you.